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Volleyball Player Tillie Kévin Position: outside-reception
Current Club: Zaksa Kiedzerzin
Citizenship: FR
Height: 198cm

Comments / Awards:
Gold World League 2015
Gold European Champs 2015
Champion of Turkey 2015
2013: World League partici...

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Volleyball Player Skrimov Todor Position: outside-reception
Current Club: Milano, Italy
Citizenship: BG
Height: 194cm

Comments / Awards:
2013 Final 6 World League
2013 4th place European Championships
2012 Olympic Games London 4th place

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Volleyball Player Kubiak Michal Position: outside-reception
Current Club: Halkbank, Ankara
Citizenship: PL
Height: 192cm

Comments / Awards:
World Champion 2014
3rd place Champions League 2014
100 selections for National Team
Winner World L...

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Volleyball Player Ivovic Marko Position: outside-reception
Current Club: Belgorod, Russia
Citizenship: RS
Height: 192cm

Comments / Awards:
2015: final of World League
2015: Final of Champions League
2014-15: Winner Polish Championship

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Volleyball Player Rouzier Antonin Position: opposite
Current Club: Arkas Izmir
Citizenship: FR
Height: 201cm

Comments / Awards:
2013 Best Spiker of the Champions League Final 4
2013 Final 4 of Champions League
2013 Winner of the Polis...

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Volleyball Player Caldeira Leonardo Position: outside-reception
Current Club: Canoas, Brazil
Citizenship: BR
Height: 193cm

Comments / Awards:
Qualified for the European Cup with Besiktas 2014-2015
Winner of Greek Cup 2010- 2014
Champion of Greek l...

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Volleyball Player Travica Dragan Position: setter
Current Club: Halkbank
Citizenship: IT
Height: 200cm

Comments / Awards:
2011 European Champs: best setter
Bronze medal Olympics London 2012
2 silver medals European Champs

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