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Volleyball Player Boula Ondrej Position: setter
Current Club: Brno, Czech
Citizenship: CZ
Height: 196cm

Comments / Awards:
2013 Eurocup participation with Brno
2013 European Championships participation
2013 European league partic...

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Volleyball Player Brinkman Steve Position: middle blocker
Current Club: BAIC Motor, China
Citizenship: CA
Height: 202cm

Comments / Awards:
2013 Champion of China
2009 Champion and Cup winner in Romania. 3. Place in the Challenge Cup (Final Four in Izmi...

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Volleyball Player Hidalgo Oliva Salvador Position: outside-reception
Current Club: Ugra Samotlor, Russia
Citizenship: CU
Height: 195cm

Comments / Awards:
2013 Champion of China
2013 MVP of the Chinese League
2012 Champion of Asian Cup in China
--> MVP a...

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Volleyball Player Ivovic Marko Position: outside-reception
Current Club: Paris Volley, France
Citizenship: RS
Height: 192cm

Comments / Awards:
2013 bronze medal European Championships
2013 Champions league participation
2012-13: best scorer among po...

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Volleyball Player Lyneel Julien Position: outside-reception
Current Club: Montpellier
Citizenship: FR
Height: 192cm

Comments / Awards:
World League 2013 starter
European championships 2013 starter and 1/4 finalist...

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